2016: Abyssal Mystique

8 December 2016

We have always been sticklers for quality, in terms of craftsmanship and creative actualization. And Fly in The House has been our platform where we try to give voice to various issues, especially to our environment.


It is with great pride that we present our latest collection Abyssal Mystique, for it not only represents our love of the oceans but also why we love it so much. The plunge, the mystery, the pain, the survival, the unimaginable, and the marvelous all contained within the watery depths. Everyone has a story to tell about the sea, and we choose to tell a tale of the deepest seabeds through our collection of rings.

We hope you'd like them as much as we enjoyed crafting them.

More than just fins!

12 August 2014

Just in time for Shark week '14, we have a collection of shark-themed rings to present. We've never been so finspired, but before we get carried away, we'll like you to share our vision that sharks (and their respective appendage) belong in the seas, and if anyone's planning to ingest shark fin soup, come savour our latest collection instead! 

To top it off, we've shared one of Discovery's Shark Cam on our page! See if you can spot a great white shark from the non-stop live feed while it lasts! 

*30% sales proceeds goes towards the conservation efforts of Sharksavers. 

*full image credits goes to wikipedia.org and Albert Kok. Thank you for sharing the beautiful image!

Watch out for our collection launch this Shark Week come Aug 10th!

31 July 2014

"Our fascination with the species Selachimorpha is in no small part, attributed to the wondrous cinematics of killer shark films, and inevitably Jaws. That fast-approaching fin seems nothing short of a death knell, despite a gazillion other fishes and cetaceans owning a dorsal fin." -Excerpt from our editorial, 2014

*Full credits to Brian J. Skerry/ National Geographic Stock/ WWF for the hauntingly beautiful photograph.