Shark Fins Souped


Our fascination with the species Selachimorpha is in no small part, attributed to the wondrous cinematics of killer shark films, and inevitably Jaws. That fast-approaching fin seems nothing short of a death knell, despite a gazillion other fishes and cetaceans owning a dorsal fin. On the trail of fins, we are stumped. How did these "killer" fins ended up in soup bowls when they doesn’t taste spectacular nor scientifically provide much, if any, nutrients? We may not be naturalists, (we are afterall, silversmiths) we have seen enough damage to the oceans without these much maligned creatures to keep the seas healthy. So we (quite irrationally) thought aloud, if anyone is going to enjoy some fins, we might as well create an alternative in silver! And we did. 

To chip in a part for our environment, 30% proceeds for every ring sold goes towards Shark Savers! They probably love sharks much more than we do, check out their I'm Finished with Fins campaign. Hope you’ll enjoy Fins as much as we did making them.

*Items exclusive to Sharksavers.

In this collection:

FIN- Pectoral

FIN- Dorsal

FIN- Pelvic

FIN- Second Dorsal

FIN- Caudal